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  • Ready made vs home cooked food when weaning

    As nutrition adviser for Lulubaby, I am always keen to teach our new mothers about the benefits of home cooked-food for their whole family.
  • The best way to include iron in your babies diet

    There has been some controversy about whether babies who are exclusively breastfed should be given iron supplements before starting solid food. This has been recommended from four months by the American Academy of Pediatrics but is contested by some and is not official guidance in countries such as the UK.
  • Does feeding peanuts to your baby protect them from nut allergies ?

    Peanuts – and allergies more generally – are in the news again following the publication of a study showing that babies given peanut snacks in the first year maintain their allergy protection even when peanuts are later avoided for a y
  • What do you need when you start weaning?

    When a baby starts on solids, they are introduced to a new world of tastes and textures. Their parents, on the other hand, have to get their heads round a whole new world of products. There is an astounding amount of weaning gear on sale.
  • Feeding premature twins - the highs and lows

    Asked to write five hundred words on the topic of feeding twins, the first three that spring to mind are ‘premature’ and ‘acid reflux’! 
  • What you need to know about bananas and weaning

    Bananas are an ideal first food for babies. They’re portable, taste good (babies have a preference for sweet flavours) and are equally easy to mash up or chew.

    However bananas stain clothes. Horribly. They leave nasty black stains which are hard – impossible even – to wash out. It’s one of the many things that most parents learn the hard way.

  • Baby Led Weaning - What meal should you start with ?

    The simple answer is that the best time is up to you and your baby.  Milk will remain your baby’s main source of nutrition for some time to come,...
  • What is weaning?

    Life as a parent means getting our heads around lots of new words and concepts (‘cruising’ is one of our favourites – contrary to what you might think, this is where babies move around upright clutching onto furniture).
  • When is the best time to start weaning?

    Current guidance is that you shouldn’t introduce solid foods until a baby is around six months old.

    But babies develop at different rates, so how do you know when to start with your individual baby?