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You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them

Award-winning 100 ml and 200 ml DoddleBags are a must-have for every kitchen, gym bag, baby bag, handbag, backpack, arts and crafts drawer, family BBQ and day out. Screw-on brushes, nozzles and spoons make cooking, decorating, icing, marinading, feeding babies, painting and glueing a total breeze.

What is a DoddleBag?

They are re-usable, flexible pouches that are easy to hold, fill and clean, BPA free, recyclable, leak-proof, dishwasher and microwave safe, and freezer and lunchbox friendly.

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Make it

Ever wondered how you become one of those chilled out arts and crafts or baking parents? The secret’s out!

Fill your DoddleBags with paint or glue, screw on the DoddleBrush and get ready for hours of creative mess-free fun. Or fill your DoddleBags with marinades, ganache, cream or icing and use the DoddleNozzle or DoddleCookBrush for expert decoration, icing, glazing and basting.


Move it

100 ml DoddleBags with click-lid FlipTops are designed for travel, camping, picnics, BBQs, outdoor sports and more.

You can put anything in them – from shampoo, sun scream and sports gels to sauces, toppings, smoothies and more.

Jetting off to sunny skies? Arts and crafts on a rainy day? Long bike ride in the autumn sunshine? Life’s just better with DoddleBags…


Eat it

DoddleBags will happily hold your homemade baby food, smoothies, yoghurts, sauces and dressings. If you’re cooking up a storm at home, you can batch cook, freeze and thaw with ease.

For bigger portions, try our 200ml bags – perfect for decanting sauces with no untidy dribbling. From wobbly jelly to homemade humous, tasty vinaigrette to batch cooked curry: DoddleBag it!



How to get the most out of your Doddlebags



Mix all the ingredients up in a blender and pour into a 100ml DoddleBag for a refreshing summer salad with a difference.

This is our

Back in 2013 . . .

Nadine had baby Lily. She also worked as an architect.
One day Nadine made little Lil’s lunch but an urgent call to come in to the office meant she didn’t have time to feed Lily before dropping her off at her grandma’s house.

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Our customers love their DoddleGoodies

Discover DoddleCare for assisted feeding


- Graham Watson

“You have a great product, it is now helping me feed my wife Karen (who has Huntington's Disease) with regular puréed food again.

Without wanting to sound over dramatic, it is literally making her life more comfortable as I’m easily able to feed her, taking stress out of what we’re very difficult meal times.

I can also go back to proving a wider, more nutritious range of foods.”

- Pilar Manzanaro

"We have used Doddle Bags in our workshops to store freshly made smoothies and sauces. Mums loved the idea of being able to feed their babies homemade purées when out-and-about out of a reusable pouch that doesn't contain BPA or is lined with foil.

We like the versatility of the Doddle Bags - the icing nozzle is great fun for kids!! From an environmental perspective, we love that they can be reused and are easy to wash."

- Elizabeth Bahadur

"I've been trying to find the perfect reusable pouches for my boy's lunch boxes that were easy to clean.

DoddleBags have made my life easier because they are the perfect size and shape.

The large opening is great as it makes it easier to fill and to clean. Life runs smoother now I have DoddleBags!"