• DoddleSpoons - Feed freely

  • DoddleBags for a charitable cause

    The girls decorated spring biscuits, using DoddleBags filled with ising and Sennelier nozzle tips, to make some fabulous cookies, which they packaged up and sold for their chosen charity- Guide Dogs UK. They raised £130 in one afternoon. Good work girls, and the Guide Dogs were pleased too!
  • DoddleBags in Windermere

    Just coming up to Easter, we thought we bake some biscuits and get the lovely staff and customers at Lakeland HQ to try their hand at icing the biscuits. We made 6 colours of icing, and attached sennelier nozzle tips to the DoddleBags. The results were magical.
  • Snack box yoghurt

    Perfect for back to school !
  • Chopping Board Hacks (No pun intended)

    Simona Anselmi is a chef and co-owner of CasaTua Camden Town. Here she shows us how to get our chopping boards to sit still and behave so that we can save our fingers.
  • How to finely dice an onion and not your fingers

    Simona Anselmi, Chef and co-founder of Casa Tua Camden Town, shares her kitchen tips with us. Here's a neat way of finely chopping your onions.

  • Eggtastic - Glazing with DoddleBags

    Watch this short video for a really easy and mess free way to glaze your scones and pies. Any left over, you can save in the fridge for later.
  • Icing cupcakes with DoddleBags

    Anyone can have fun with DoddleBags. Babies, toddlers, children, teens, parents, cooks, festival goers, travellers, artists. Make it. Move it. Eat it.
  • How to clean your DoddleBags

    Although DoddleBags are tested for 50 uses in the dishwasher, we prefer cleaning the the old fashioned way..... Miri shows you how.   How to clean...
  • Lakeland Stratford Demo

    Fun at Lakeland showing customers the diversity of DoddleBags.
  • Smoothie To Go

    Make this simple and delicious smoothie and pour into your DoddleBag and go. It's a doddle!
  • Juno's Magic Spoon

    The DoddleSpoon! Less mess, do more on the go! Juno is excited to show of the magic of the screw on DoddleSpoon which has a generous opening to allow puréed food to flow onto the spoon.