Making Windmills

These pinwheel windmills are easy to make, and a fun thing to do with your family even if it isn’t such a windy day.

  1. Choose either some origami paper with different patterns on the front and back, or lay two sheets of different coloured paper back to back.
  2. We chose A4 paper which we cut into squares.
  3. Fold the paper from corner to corner, and cut along ¾ of the way from the corners in towards the centre, stopping short of the centre.
  4. Fold one corner into the centre, skip a corner, fold the next corner and so on, until you’ve gone around. Secure the folds with a DoddleSticker in the Centre.
  5. For these we hot glued some pinboard tacks into DoddleCaps, which we pushed through to the centre.
  6. Next comes the tricky bit. It took us ages to figure out a way to get this to work….
  7. Get some 3mm barbeque skewers and cut them into lengths of about 4 cm. Place the skewer near the exposed pin and slide a plastic bead from Tiger (link?) onto the two. Carry on sliding another 2 or 3 beads onto the skewer.
  8. Get a wide straw, and punch a hole about 2cm from the top with a hole punch, and feed the beaded skewer through the punched hole. Slide a wider (6mm) bamboo skewer through the straw, past the beaded bamboo skewer.
  9. On the other side of the beaded skewer, feed through another bead, and wedge in another pinboard tack at the end.
  10. Wind some washi tape round the base of the straw where the wider bamboo skewer is so that it doesn’t move up and down.

That’s it.