Travel Scotland with your kids

Yes, it’s Burns night coming up. What a cultured and fantastic reason for a celebration.

So what is Burn’s Night?

Commemorating the life of the poet Robert Burns who was born on 25th January 1759, it is a celebration of his contribution to Scottish culture surrounded by Scottish tradition; food (a lot of haggis), drink (a lot of whisky) and recitals of his poetry, and varyingly successful renditions of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

But in our house, it is the poetry of Mairi Hedderwick that is celebrated.

Thanks to the BBC series “Katie Morag”, Scotland is loved by the kids. Better than any travel ad, Katie’s adventures on the Isle of Struay is a life that they aspire to. Although The Isle of Struay is fictional it seems to be based on a village on the Isle of Coll in Argyll and Bute. You get to it by ferry, and a sense of sustainable, outdoors living, quite different from our own is sooo attractive. Katie’s rosy cheeks to match her red hair exudes health and a care free nature that even the children want.

So where to go in Scotland that might give you that sense of freedom?

1-     You could start by visiting Kittiwake Calgary Farmhouse on Argyll and Bute, and stay at a remote cabin on the seashore, with its roof made from a rowing boat.

2-     Visit the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary, with seals, otters, turtles and seahorses amongst other colourful sea creatures, kids are bound to give you some heart melting moments. The kids can learn to fish too!

3-     Loch Torren- If you’re a Harry Potter fan, come here to see Hagrid’s hut location.

4-     Isle of Skye- for a muddy walk and some bird watching, and take the kids to Armadale Castle and Grounds for a treasure hunt and some woodland trails.

5-     Isle of Mull- to draw pictures of the boats and sing ‘Balamory’. It’s so colourful at Balamory Tobermory. Thank you BBC for introducing us to these gems of places.

6-     Kilchoan, Highland to stay at Lochan Shepherd’s hut, or camp at Ardnamurchan for a spiritual outdoors experience.

7-     Isle of Tiree part of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides- for some surfing or Kayaking , or to hear the call of the rare Corncrake

8-     Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis- For fit kids and parents who have done lots of climbing, this is an excellent climb that can be done in a day, and Harry Potter fans, the area is used as a backdrop for the Quidditch games and Harry’s battle with a dragon in the Triwizard Tournament.

9-     East Lothian, Lochhouses farm- to live in a treehouse or some seaside family glamping. If your child has never heard of the Concorde jet, you can visit the National Museum of Flight to see BA’s first Concorde craft to go into service in 1976.

10-  Bramble Bield, Stirling for an incredible experience living in a wagon. Watch the stars, sheep and goats and sing round a campfire.

Go Explore ! 

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