Why you should visit Lake Windermere

The destinations I’ve chosen today all pay homage to the wonderful and daring people who have believed in us, our product and our brand. In late July, 2015, Alex and I took a 3 hour train ride from London Euston to Windermere.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and as we were working on our presentation material, it dawned on us that we were chugging along (at quite a pace) through some exquisite landscapes which made us JUST STOP what we were doing.

We met Kathryn Farrell from Lakeland whose offices are just outside Windermere train station. She was warm and really encouraging and when the meeting was over, feeling very upbeat, we went to buy some desperately useful gadgets at their flagship store adjacent to their head offices! Just before our launch at K&J in Cologne last year, we heard that Lakeland would list DoddleBags. That was a moment of great joy to us and gave us the confidence that if such an important player believed in us, we were on the right track!

At K&J we had hundreds of visitors from 52 different countries, but the most proactive, pioneering supporter so far have been Mumzworld, Dubai Wesley & Philip, Taiwan and Cepelo from Denmark.

All have been a pleasure to work with and continue to develop our product range with us.

Today I visit Windermere and to follow our DoddleHacks Themes, Food, Art and Adventure, find out what wonderful and daring activities I can do with my family there and what I would put in my DoddleBag for that particular activity.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be discovering the hometowns of our other partners.

Windermere, the largest natural lake in England, formed in a glacial trough is one of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations.

The village of Windermere grew around Windermere Railway Station, so Lakeland sits in the heart of Windermere. It is north west of Manchester in Cumbria and is surrounded by stunning landscapes.

It’s not surprising that there’s a National Park there.

1-     Try TreeTop Nets and Treetop Trek in Brockhole. A huge area of high level nets and trampolines set in the tree canopies and 35 treetop challenges testing your swinging, climbing and balancing skills. I have 2 fearless monkeys who love to climb anything, including our doorframes at home, so this will be a real treat. 

DoddleHack - Food - Homemade Energy Gel


Freeze it. It rehydrates and energises when it thaws after the frenetic activity, or to soothe injuries and rope burn! 

Write here...

  • 1 Tablepsoon Chai Seeds 
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • Juice of 1/2 an orange
  • 1 Tablepsoon of Maple Syrup
  • 1/10 Teaspoon of salt


2- Stay in a yurt in Low Ray on the banks of Lake Windermere. The roaming sheep nearby will help your kids counting skills as they try to sleep…zzzzz. . My little one is obsessed with sheep. She even wants a Sheep cake for her birthday party. 

DoddleHack - Adventure - Fill a DoddleBag with washing up liquid to wash off your muddy boots ! 

3- Get the watercolours out and visit the Bowness jetty. There are so many paintable spots in the lakes, it’s hard to choose.

Doddlehack - Art  - Watercolouring

DoddleBags Contents- water (You can even get some from the lake or a clear puddle!) here’s a DoddleHack.

If you squeeze a bit of sponge into the DoddleNozzle before screwing on the paintbrush, it regulates the water flow and you can wash the paper easier. Watercolouring is a doddle for kids if you get them some watercolour pencils like these

All they do is draw with the pencils and then brush some water onto the art. Another way to get really great deep crisp colours is to wash the paper first and then draw with the pencils on top.