10 reasons why you should travel the world with your kids!

The best way to learn is to experience something first hand and I truly believe that travel is the best education for kids.

As an adult I’ve travelled most of the planet. We have twins that are 3.5 and it’s been a journey staying in one place and juggling childcare and work!.

However as they approach their fourth birthday life is getting a little easier and my feet are getting itchy again.

I’m longing for road trips and adventures across the planet.

I want to show them what this big wide world has to offer and I want us to experience travelling as a family and make incredible memories.

I’m ready to go !

But the thought of travelling with the two little terrors fills my partner with anxiety.

So I’ve started to delve deeper and deeper into the how and why’s of why you should leave it all behind and  travel the world with your small ones. 


1. Travel shows kids how big their world is

There’s a huge world out there and it's important to show our kids how varied and wonderful it is, to open their eyes and ears to different cultures, landscapes and food. 


2. Travel forces you to unplug and truly connect

In this day and age adults and kids seem to be forever plugged in to some sort of device or glued to some sort of screen. Screen time is all about moderation, but heading out on the road, into pastures new or into nature gives us a great chance to truly and unplug. Journeys when planned will give us the chance to discuss and explore the world with our kids, the journey is often the most exciting part !. 


3. Travel helps us to learn about yourselves

Family life can be hectic and it's often essential to stick to routines. As parents we are often to busy getting our kids from A to B, getting to work or back home, slotting in house chores and life admin, before falling into bed at night and starting all over again the next morning ! 

Travel offers us the chance to step out of that routine and daily grind, a chance to be truly present with our kids. Unplug, take it all in, absorb the excitement the experience. These moments are precious.


4. Travel encourages kids to notice the details

Kids love details and they often notice things that we take for granted and overlook. Slow down, kids don't work to a clock, they are fully present and this is one of the best times for you to join them in that moment. 


5. Travel rekindles your sense of adventure

Kids are born with a  sense of adventure; they love to explore their world. They lap everything up, new sights, new sounds. Let their sense of adventure and love of life rub off on you.  


6. Travel teaches them history

The Egyptian Pyramids up close and personal? Yes, please. Seeing famous sights can make textbooks come to life. What better way to teach your child about history than to have them actually touch it? See it closer or even have a selfie with the famous place. 


7. Travel increases compassion

Travelling will help your family to appreciate what you have and to simplify your life. You have shelter, safety, and food, many people don't and it's important for kids to understand what they have and their place in the world.  


8. Travel teaches kids flexibility

Planning when travelling is important but things don't always go to plan ! The weather changes, the bus doesn't turn up, getting from A to B takes longer than expected. Kids learn to deal with setbacks and adjust accordingly. It helps them to begin to understand that there are things out of our control sometimes and that we have to adapt and go with the flow.


9. Travel teaches self belief 

When you travel as a family you need to work things out on the go. You can involve the kids with working things out, finding the best route, navigating rail and tube maps and timetables. Learning these essential life skills early on is hugely beneficial for kids and they build the confidence they need to use them independently.


10. Encourages kids to learn and use new languages 

Travelling to different countries with foreign languages gives kids the excuse to try them out in a real setting. Little Pim have great language learning flashcards and apps for kids.



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